Viapix Systems Is a company specialised in design and integration of high-tech solutions for survey, analysis and diagnosis of road infrastructure


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Specialized in image processing and integration of on-board systems, viapix systems develops a high-performance range of road network SURVEY equipment.

We offer a wide range of ergonomic and reliable sensors, designed to meet the requirements of road infrastructure management, such as asset inventory and pavement condition analysis.

Collected information:

Images of terrain environment

(traffic sign, road marking, street assets,…)

Analysis of the longitudinal profile

(uni-longitudinal, macrotexture,…)

Transverse profile analysis

(ruts, deformations,…)

Analysis of track geometry

(slope, cross-slope, curvature radius)

Pavement management system

(cracks, potholes)

The data can then be exported to a geographic information system (GIS) or a road management system (RMS). Our solutions help managers to optimize their analysis.

Expert center

Support and maintenance



Viapix systems has strong expertise in instrumentation and maintenance of on-board road SURVEY systems.

Our Expert Center provides our customers with recognized experience and qualifications.

We design tailor-made data acquisition and processing solutions thanks to our skills in electronics, IT, embedded systems and mechanics.

We train and support our customers in the use and operation of the software equipment we developed.

We are a certified partner and equipment integrator of many manufacturers of sensors dedicated to the road sector. We offer specialized support services in France and internationally.

For our customers, the Expert Center guarantees :

  • Reliability
  • Reactivity
  • Performance
  • Sustainability

Smart processing

To help decision-making in the management of road assets, we offer an innovative offer for digitizing road equipment. Our processing tools, based on artificial intelligence, make it possible to inventory and automatically analyze road infrastructure.

Our solution, based on data provided by VIAPIX Acquisition, detects, identifies and geolocates road objects:

  • Road signs (traffic signs, directional signs, traffic lights, etc)
  • Road markings (pedestrian crossings, arrows, bike icons, etc)
  • Urban assets (streetlamps, bollards, etc).

Thanks to AI, automatic object recognition allows efficient and reliable restitution of results in a short time. In addition, with our degradation detection algorithms, our solution automatically analyses the pavement conditions.

We classify these degradations into longitudinal, transverse cracks, multiple and alligator cracks, etc.

High-performance automatic auscultation allows optimized, precise and sustainable management of road assets.


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