In order to inform network managers about the deformations presented by their pavements, the LASER transversoprofilometer, designed by VIAPIX Systems, allows a first level investigation which is conducted efficiently thanks to its concept of compact, portable equipment without exceeding the gauge.

It allows you to quickly cover hundreds of kilometres to determine the indicators commonly used in this investigation.




The technical solution achieved is based on the use of a 2D LiDAR-type sensor offering the performance required by the environment of use and the associated metrological objectives:

  • Norm NF P98-219 – Tests relating to transverse evenness
  • Test method N°49 – Measurement and interpretation of the cross section

This system belongs to the group of dynamic discontinuous transversoprofilometers.

This function, provided with a signal of the distance covered, is supervised by a viapix acquisition module which ensures the piloting and control of the measurements.


  • Measurement width: 3,50 m (configurable)
  • Maximum resolution of the transverse profile: 640 points
  • Transversal resolution: ± 3 mm
  • Vertical resolution: 0,1 mm
  • Accuracy on rut depth: ± 3 mm
  • The characteristics of the sensor allow the acquisition of a profile every meter at the speed of 90 km/h, with an optimal transverse resolution of 3 mm, and up to a profile every 0.25 m for a transverse resolution maximum of 100 mm

Data Exploitation

Software is provided for the interpretation of the acquired data. It allows a rereading of the profiles (set of points along the transverse axis and the vertical axis), as well as the visualization of the various indicators.

The application offers several types of filtering, it allows the choice and configuration of multiple calculation options (lane width, length of the calculation rule, …).


  • High-resolution LASER Scanner, for outdoor use
  • LASER Class 1 (intrinsically harmless)
  • Scan angle: 190°
  • Sweep frequency: 25 to 100 Hz
  • Angular resolution: from 1° to 0,1667°
  • Serial Communication (RS232, RS422) and Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Power supply: 24 VDC (12 VDC/24 VDC conversion integrated in the Multifunction Interface Box)
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Operating temperature: -30° +50°C
  • Weight of the support + sensor assembly: 22 kg
  • Fixing on the towing hook
Available Indicators Units Descriptions
Bank subsidence mm Deformation located on the edge of the track and characterized by a sudden break in the slope of the cross section
Bulging mm Amplitude of the concave or convex curve characterizing the shape of the cross section
Total deformation mm The total deformation results from the combination of the left and right ruts and the other deformations
Evenness/flatness mm Deviation between the real shape of the profile and the theoretical regression line of this profile
Edge and axis rut width mm Cross-sectional extent of depressions
Edge and axis rut depth mm Amplitude of the depressions in the treads
Quantity of reprofiling without tilt correction mm Quantity of material needed to fill in ruts without intervening on the transverse slope of the profile

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